About us

Mixmaker is showing you and inspiering you about music.We are                                              
all in a band(called The bandit brothers) that would like to show
you about music.Mixmaker is where you can hear,compare and
make your own music.We would like lots of people to know about
us so can you tell them.Thanks.

About the band.

The band has realy cool music instuments! We all come
and pratice once a week for are fame.We have 4  people
in the band and they all
know their instruments well.                                                                                            Names:George=guitar
We all pratice realy hard                                                                                                                   Callum=singing
together and no our own.                                                                                                                    William=keyboard
When we play all the                                                                                                                             Tom=drums
instruments all together
they sound realy good.